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- Jeremy Powers, CX Champ
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I was out at Tour of America's Dairylands having some fun passing out a few handfuls of Cat's Tongue towels. Everyone who knew of them loved them, anyone who'd heard of them was happy to get to try them out. A few were looking for your contact info so they could find out how/where to get some more so I pointed out your website on the package. Some of my fun came from there being a number of outdoor restaurants along the courses and I'd be walking past, notice someone who looked like a cyclist eating a particularly messy burger or similar and do an exaggerated stop and set one on the edge of the table with a " Whoa, I think you're gonna need one of these!" and it was fun for everyone. How much of that's luck, well, we'll never know! we got Mike Wakely, our mid-west mechanic and friend to pose with a tattoo, he's been body-building, as you can see. The intention was to show how tough these towels are on grime. He loves them as well. Now I've got to get someone to let me stick a tattoo on a baby's butt so we can illustrate how gentle these towels are on equipment and skin. That might take a little time....

- Chris McBurnie - Director - Farm Team Elite Women

Don't forget those car headlights!

One day at a gas station, a man stopped me and tried to convince me to buy his $30 bottle of cleaner that takes the smudgy, cloudy film off of your headlights. I have to admit, the cleaner worked very well! But not well enough to pay $30 for one bottle! I received my sample today and used it on the film, and it came off beautifully! I was very impressed! I didn't even have to scrub hard. I've heard that toothpaste works too, but you have to scrub pretty hard. Thanks!!
- Fan on Facebook

5-star product review - Great Product!

"I received some samples of the Cat's Tongue at 2012 CX Nationals, and this product is really amazing. I finally got tired of reminiscing about using the samples and ordered up this bundle. One of the large towels is good for a complete drive train degrease. They're tough, don't tear easily, and have a nice texture for light abrasion. Using one of these towels accomplishes in 3-4 minutes what used to take me 30 or more, using a toothbrush, degreasing liquid, and a half-dozen paper towels. Pretty amazing stuff!"
- Aaron from Chicago

Bonus, I don't have to clean up the mess from his bike cleaning!

"Hmm. I think I may know who wrote that review & I can verify its authenticity. My husband loves having a clean bike. Now regular cleanings are much less of a production. With Cat's Tongue, cleaning is fast & easy. (Bonus, I don't have to clean up the mess from his bike cleaning!) Thank you, Cat's Tongue!"
- Aaron's Wife

That's impressive!"

11 May 2013
"One little Cat's Tongue pouch. One towel. 2 bikes. 2 days of hard riding. CLEAN - chains and all. That's impressive!"
- Colin Lynch, Irish Paracycling Team & Current UCI World Champion, Time Trial & Pursuit

Works on car brake messes too!

8 April 2013
"Our mechanic using a Cat's Tongue towel after working on the brakes of our '66 Ford F250!"
- Martha Van Inwegen, creator of Action Wipes

hey he likes it!

"About to introduce my brother-in-law's dirty chain to a Cat's Tongue towel... hey he likes it! I gave him some from my stash. I told him to ask for them at his LBS."
- Mark Babcock-Creative DIrector / Bike Racer at Deeds Publishing
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What's great about Cat's Tongue - a bike shop owners perspective

- Sheridan - Celestial Cycles Oklahoma City, OK

From black to white in a jiffy!

"With these late winter training rides it doesn't take much to turn my bike from white to black.... Cat's Tongue towels fixes that in a jiffy!"

Great for residue

10 Mar 2013
"Tried Cat's Tongue towel tonight, great getting pad residue off dirty brake track on rims. Then cleaned the drive train with same towel. #Tough."
- Emma White (Junior 15-16 National CX Champion, Farm Team Elite Women's Racing Team)

Month old is no match for Cat's Tongue

8 Mar2013
"Finished Month old mud. Used Cats Tongue towel to clean the drivetrain, chain, crank, cass, der. One towel still working good.
- Angry Monkeys Racing via Twitter

Two thumbs up!

5 Mar 2013
"Finished Cleaning my bike w/ Cats Tongue towels... my review is two thumbs up! Love the soft side to wipe down bike and rough side to clean hands! SUPER EASY and quick! Love that it doesn't smear the grease and dirt. Just wipes it away and smells great!"
- lukes5line via Twitter


26 Jan 2013
"Evening Y'all, I was changing wheel sets out on my road bike tonight and noticed that I had an old race number stuck to the top tube. It completely ripped apart when I peeled it off so I thought I'd try to scrub it off with one of the Cat's Tongue Towels. Pardon the language, but UN-XXXXXXX-BELIEVABLE!!! It pulled off all the paper and the gooey residue. I don't remember the last time my bike was this clean... drive train, chain, etc. I will definitely be placing an order for one of the canisters when I get back from the race on Sunday!
- A. Eli Cohen - Triathlete

These things are by far the best I've ever used!

"Just cleaned my bike with my new @CatsTongueTowels. These things are by far the best I've ever used! Good for cleaning greasy hands too ;)."
- Velomerica via Twitter

Saved my jersey from greasy hands

"Thanks Tom, Cats Tongue saved my jersey from greasy hands while getting my numbers pinned up yesterday!"
- Victoria Gates... J.A.M. Fund racer & Future super star

Lick bar tape clean!

"Great bar tape cleaner! Made it white again. Thanks! #cleanbike"
- Nikki Smith via twitter...

No doubt will become the "must have" for all cyclists

"Thank you for the towels, they're great! I've shared them with my cycling teammates and local bike shop where they were met with positive feedback. Cat's Tongue is truly an innovative product for the cycling community and no doubt will become the "must have" for all cyclists. They're easy to use, and work really well. I will continue to be an advocate for Cat's Tongue and would be honored to wear your kit as I train."
- Ryan, MABRA (Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association) Champion

No more "Cat 5 Tattoos"

- Brad Huff, Pro Cyclist Jelly Belly Racing Team

Even after digging in the dirt in my garden

"Awesome news! Those towels will sell themselves when people try them out. I use them every time I clean my bike now. I use them to clean bike grease from my car carpet. I've used them after digging in the dirt in my garden."
- Ira Hart

My local shop needs to stock these!

"I picked up Cat's Tongue this weekend at Gloucester. On Tuesday's road ride, I had chain problems and was wearing my white road kit! Lucky for me, I had a towel in my bag. Voila! Unbelievable. I am sold. Please provide me with referral code. My local shop needs to stock these!"
- Colin Kernan, Cyclocross Master Racer"

Cat's Tongue Towels were able to hold a shocking amount of grease

"I finally got a chance to use the Towels 2 days ago and they were fantastic! I was super impressed. All the grease on my drive train just wiped right off, and the towels were able to hold a shocking amount of grease, even washing my hands after was simple because the solvent kept the grease loose. I'll definitely be using Cat's Tongue for every cleaning!"
- Scott Cole, Cycling Coach & Pan Mass Challenge Rider

Industry veterans know best!

- Bill Humphreys aka "The Bike Guy" (Sports Management & Consulting)
Former member of U.S. Cycling Team & Author of The Jersey Project

A mess only a Cat's Tongue could clean

Grand FUNdo clean-up, open fire pit style! Featuring Brad Huff & Mukunda Feldman. Proceeds from the FUNdo benefit the J.A.M. Fund & their support of young cyclists

Clean hands are essential and it's way faster to use these

- Ryan @ Rye Airfield Skate/Bike Park, Rye New Hampshire,

Go ahead, step in spray paint!

"I couldn't believe how well Cat's Tongue removed the black spray paint that I stepped in!"
- Elise DeGemmis, Lansdale PA

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