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We want you to be happy with our product!

But if you’re not………..
If you were someone who requested a free sample prior to your Cat’s Tongue purchase and we were not able to fulfill your request, you would have received an email from us with a money-back guarantee offer. We know there are many that just want free stuff. Who doesn't! There are others that would truly like to try before they buy. That's the motivation behind our money back guarantee because if you buy to try and are not happy we think you should get your money back if you're not 100% satisfied.
Cat's Tongue is not for everyone! However, keep an eye on us because we'll be offering future products under the banner, "There's a towel for that!"
Cat's Tongue is first and foremost a hand/skin cleaner; but there are many uses everyone tells us about for Cat's Tongue Cleaning towels. Many we'd never anticipate.
For instance, we've added Aloe to our formulation to make using Cat's Tongue easy on your hands, and while Cat's Tongue will get bugs off your windshield, the Aloe doesn't work well on glass because it will leave a film that you'll have to wipe off. 
Cat's Tongue is not an anti-bacterial towel. While it will help remove many greasy items, it is not intended to kill germs.  Therefore, expectations for uses in the kitchen or bathroom should be limited to grease removal. It's great for instance for removing fingerprints on stainless steel appliances.
To take advantage of our money-back guarantee, read the terms below and follow the instructions to get your refund. Please know that if you do end up requesting a refund and returning your product, we will be SO disappointed that you’re not happy and will be very sorry that Cat’s Tongue Towel didn’t meet your needs.  We will also remove you from our mailings.
Money-back Guarantee Instructions:
1.    Read the terms below to make sure that you are eligible for this offer.
2.    Email us at and let us know why you aren’t happy and we’ll begin the refund process.  To make our response time quicker, please include “money-back guarantee” in the subject line of your email and provide us with the information requested in the terms below.
Money-back Guarantee Terms (sorry, our lawyer and accountant make us do this):
·       This money-back guarantee is only valid for customers that requested a free sample that we were unable to fulfill and that received the money-back guarantee offer via an email directly from us.
·       You have 30 days from the date of your order to email us requesting a refund.
·       You need to send back to us any unused product. But we reserve the right to not require this.  Our address is:
365 Boston Post Road, Suite 332
Sudbury, MA 01776 USA
·       You will be refunded the cost of the product only.  Your shipping costs will not be refunded.
·       This guarantee is only valid on Cat’s Tongue towels and not on other products we sell on our site.
·       This guarantee is only valid if the product was used for the intended purposes.  For example, if you found it was not effective at removing the rough bumps off your cat’s tongue, please don’t bother to request a refund.
·       In your email requesting your refund, please include the following:  your name and shipping address as it appeared on your order, your order number which will be something like “AB-XXXX”, the email address at which you received the money-back guarantee offer, if not the same as the email address from which you are emailing us.
·       While not required for a refund, for our own understanding and to enhance our ability to improve our products, please give us the courtesy of telling us what you felt didn’t work about the product.
·       Once we receive your returned product, we'll credit your Paypal account or send you a check for your troubles.
We'll be sorry to see you go, but are also confident that you’ll LOVE your Cat’s Tongue Towels!
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