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Revised 9/16/13:

Weíre thrilled about the interest in our Cat's Tongue Towels and completely overwhelmed by requests for free samples due to several "free stuff" websites that are promoting it!  As a result, we've had to change our free sample policy.  Please see below. 
For those of you that, as of this date, have already taken the time to email us, you'll either be receiving a sample from our remaining sample inventory or an email offering you an additional discount  PLUS a money-back guarantee.  We are sorry that we cannot fulfill the thousands of requests that these "mystery" postings have generated.  We hope that if you are truly interested in trying a great product, you'll take advantage of our offer!
We are STILL excited to send you a FREE sample so that you can see how great Catís Tongue Towels are, but we are going to have to request that you pay the postage.

In the meantime, to request a sample, please send us your request, including your name, address, email address, and what you plan to do with your sample, along with a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope to (regular letter envelope with $0.60 postage due to extra requested by the Post Office):

Cat's Tongue Towels Sample Request
365 Boston Post Road, Suite 332
Sudbury, MA 01776

Donít worry Ė weíll make it worth your while!!  Youíll receive our standard sample discount coupon (25% off) AND an additional 10% off your first purchase. Consider it reimbursement for your time, postage, and efforts!!! 


Thank you!!!!

Tom & Deanna

Hallmark Home & Family

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