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About Us

The Products

The Catís Tongueô brand encompasses a line of individually packaged towels and other products made specifically for the convenience of the biking enthusiast. In todayís hectic lives, being out on the bike is a rare enjoyment. Our products are created and selected with the goal of helping more people enjoy the beauty and pleasure of cycling, whether for leisure, sport, or even epic racing.

25% of proceeds from Catís Tongue-branded products will be donated to the Pan Mass Challenge. 100% of every dollar donated will go directly to cancer research, cures, and patient care via the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. Click here for more information.

The Brand

If you havenít figured it out already, the name Cat's Tongue is an analogy between our first product Ė the heavy duty cleaning towels Ė and an actual catís tongue. Our towels have a textured side that feels just like a catís tongue. And it cleans like one too; have you ever seen a dirty cat?

The idea for the Catís Tongue product was born from a comical event involving grease from a flat tire fix on our first date. I know youíre probably clamoring for the juicy details, but suffice to say, one should never attempt a first kiss without checking to see if oneís hands are clean!

Our Story

We are Deanna Clarance and Tom LeBlanc from Massachusetts. Like many people, we were stuck in the rat race of 8-7 corporate careers, juggling work and family (with work winning most of the time), and not having near enough time to spend together. As we are closing in on the second half of our lives (ahemÖ.), we decided to take action to live the next half in a very different way.

So, we created Catís Tongue as a way to create the freedom to enjoy more time together, with our families, out on our bikes, and adding more value to society at large. As long-time PMC riders, Catís Tongue gives us a platform on which we can contribute to the fight against cancer on a much larger scale than what the two of us, along with our donors, can do alone.

Thanks for supporting our products and our mission!

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